If we can’t agree that children don’t deserve to be beaten …


I  think this is 2017 — I’m not sure? I am sure that I was physically and mentally abused by a parent that could convince an Eskimo to buy ice. My Parent controlled every aspect in my life — not in a good way. I’ve always been curious if friends that have had an easier upbringing understand that others struggle to overcome mountains. 


Water is the most sacred human right. 

Water sustains life.
Detroit water poisoning. They intentionally selected a less expensive way of providing water, knowing it would kill and destine a generation to slavery. 

Slave owners rationed water to keep people under control.

I always thought the most bed-rock of American beliefs is that our government has to keep our water safe. 

Musings from D.C. Let’s go 2017!

I guess I need to become comfortable with sharing my experiences. I question why anyone would care about what I think. 

Not long after I moved to DC the GOP took over the House when President Clinton was elected to his first term. 

I met my destined to be husband who had just returned from the G.O.P convention. I didn’t know about his attendance — we were just getting to know each other. 

We are in a new era #GhostTown

From his reimagining of classics on American Idol, like “Ring of Fire,”  “Mad World,” and “One,” Adam Lambert leaped onto the American scene. @ADAMLAMBERT dreamed of this day in “Aftermath.” After shocking the nation with the kiss seen around the world on the Grammys, his angst was exposed on his first album by “Whataya Want from Me?” As you listen to the first album, you begin to buy in to his world. he is proud and gay, and they have nothing to do with each other. He believes in a world of equality. His next album, “Trespassing” expressed a feeling of alienation, and at the same time a defiance and love weaves  through every song. ADAM LAMBERT‘s new album, “The Original High” is the perfect accompaniment to this amazing week. @adamlambert is the voice of this era #lovewins


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This has been a very interesting week

At the beginning,

Nepal is rocked by a monster earthquake. My heart is halfway around the world.

Protests erupt around the U.S. over police brutality that resulted in the death of a 25-year old citizen. Too often I hear the refrain, “They brought this on themselves”. We heard that, somehow, Freddie Gray broke his own neck and crushed his own larynx. My heart is in agony.

It begins to sink in that I am now a part of a team of amazing people that have the opportunity to move us forward. My body is fluttering and racing. My heart tells me that we will all get through this together. And together, we are stronger.

The death toll in Nepal is rising and the world is responding generously.

#BaltimoreUprising is helping our country begin to acknowledge that there is something wrong. My heart sees citizens standing up and supporting each other…

and is cautiously hopeful — I have to knock on wood any time I acknowledge that I believe the future will be better (I’m still a bit superstitious, I know, it makes no rational sense).

My husband and I are celebrating our 20th Anniversary. My heart is overflowing.

My heart tells me that we will all get through this together. And together, we are stronger.