We are in a new era #GhostTown

From his reimagining of classics on American Idol, like “Ring of Fire,”  “Mad World,” and “One,” Adam Lambert leaped onto the American scene. @ADAMLAMBERT dreamed of this day in “Aftermath.” After shocking the nation with the kiss seen around the world on the Grammys, his angst was exposed on his first album by “Whataya Want from Me?” As you listen to the first album, you begin to buy in to his world. he is proud and gay, and they have nothing to do with each other. He believes in a world of equality. His next album, “Trespassing” expressed a feeling of alienation, and at the same time a defiance and love weaves  through every song. ADAM LAMBERT‘s new album, “The Original High” is the perfect accompaniment to this amazing week. @adamlambert is the voice of this era #lovewins


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