My letter to Elizabeth Warren,

Dear Senator Elizabeth Warren,

I can’t thank you enough for your work setting up the consumer protection bureau. My husband and I have been caught in a Chase nightmare for, it seems like, forever. Chase inherited a loan we had with Washington Mutual that was illegally foreclosed on. We ended up suing four banks for illegal foreclosure and reached settlement and restitution from three. Not enough money for us to profit, but enough (we thought) to sting a little.

Throughout this nightmare, we realized that we had a terrific lawyer, and the resources and persistence to see these suits through. And worried about other citizens that didn’t have the resources we had. We had to take a stand!

Chase was the one bank that never responded. Not even to court ordered mediation and there were no repercussions.

We have finally regained our credit and are in the process of refinancing the property that Chase holds the mortgage on. We have been approved and the bank requested the payoff amount from Chase. The payoff came in with fraudulent charges around $45,000 dollars. They were demanding a ransom for us to get clear of them.

This nightmare has been going on for nearly 10 years.

A couple of days ago, we submitted a complaint to the Consumer Protection Bureau hoping that something might give.

We received a call from Chase’ CEO’s office within 48 hours! They have admitted that the documentation was in error, and will provide us with the corrected payoff amount based on the fact that we have paid every dollar we have ever owed them and,  the fraudulent late penalties and other fraudulent charges have been corrected!

I can’t thank you enough! Together we are stronger! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Lorraine Wilson

PS: You and HC are my dream team


Diary or Journal

I started this blog when blogs were something no one had ever heard of. My hope was to show how a new communications platform could bring our voices into the pubic dialog. The jury is still out on that J

I was always afraid that someone would think my contribution was trivial, or a “diary.” 

So, I didn’t bother anyone with my personal thoughts and feelings about what was happening at the time. I provided relevant information to help us understand how social medial was changing our world. 

I humbly submit my thoughts that I plan to share here. I don’t feel guilty anymore about sharing my viewpoint. And as I humbly submit, for your consideration the posts I will share … so unfollow now if you are not interested …