Teachers’ Union Leading School Reform? Impossible!

“Class size DOES matter – tremendously. All three teachers I connected with testified to the importance of this. This is all the more poignant as we are about to see huge budget cuts that are likely to send class sizes through the roof.

“Professional growth built around collaboration gives teachers valuable time to develop school-wide strategies to improve student outcomes.

“Unions care about students and have ideas that actually work to improve schools and student outcomes.”



Good article on trend away from email

Email use Falls as Young Chat and Text (nytimes.com)


James E. Katz, the director for the Center for Mobile Communications Studies at Rutgers University, said this was not the death of e-mail but more of a downgrade, thanks to greater choice and nuance among communications tools.

“It’s painful for them,” he said of the younger generation and e-mail. “It doesn’t suit their social intensity.”