The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change

I’ve been waiting to get a copy of this book. It’s a must read for any non-profit trying to figure out Social Media and what it’s good for.  

Beth Kanter, “Networked Nonprofits engage people to shape and share their work in order to raise awareness of social issues, organize communities to provide services or advocate for legislation.

“Networked Nonprofits don’t work harder or longer than other organizations, they work differently. They engage in conversations with people beyond their walls — lots of conversations — to build relationships that spread their work through the network. Incorporating relationship building as a core responsibility of all staffers fundamentally changes their to-do lists. Working this way is only possible because of the advent of social media.

“All Networked Nonprofits are comfortable using the new social media tool set — digital tools such as email, blogs, and Facebook that encourage two-way conversations between people, and between people and organizations, to enlarge their efforts quickly, easily and inexpensively.”

Amazon, “This groundbreaking book shows nonprofits a new way of operating in our increasingly connected world: a networked approach enabled by social technologies, where connections are leveraged to increase impact in effective ways that drive change for the betterment of our society and planet.”