Atlanta flooding monitored through social media

“In an emergency situations you find the social networks you’ve been building up on a daily basis, that sometimes seem like a waste of time, suddenly become very useful,”


There Will Be Web Jobs for Social Scientists

Interesting article that acknowledges the need for IT folks to be versed in the “softer” sciences.

The four areas detailed include:

* Web User Experience roles that include UI designers, virtual-assistant designers and interaction directors.

* Behavior Analysis roles that include Web psychologists, community designers, and Web/social network miners.

* Information Specialist roles that include information anthropologists who are expected to play historical Web fact finding and assisting in legal analysis, intellectual property management and where the quality of information is at risk.

* Digital Lifestyle Experts roles that include helping senior management understand whats going on and stay aware, and building personal brands and managing online personas for desired online effect.

via There Will Be Web Jobs for Social Scientists.