Social Networking Etiquette: How to Introduce Yourself and Others Politely

By C.G. Lynch, May 20, 2009 — CIO Magazine

Improve your social networking etiquette IQ with our expert advice on some sticky situations. How can you politely decline friend requests? Effectively introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know you well? Thoughtfully connect two contacts? We’ve got answers

Here are some tips Dixson told for crafting an online contact strategy that works for you, and how to handle the sticky questions that can arise around introductions.

One of the most fundamental rules of social networking etiquette: You must carefully consider who you “friend” or “connect” with on services like Facebook and LinkedIn. According to career experts, the people with whom you associate, in many ways, reflect upon you.

  1. Decide on a Friend Strategy for Both LinkedIn and Facebook
  2. Communicate a Clear Policy to Potential Contacts
  3. Don’t Ignore Friends, or Friends of Friends
  4. If the Answer Is No, Offer Alternatives
  5. Be Specific When Sending Invitations
  6. Give a Heads-Up When Brokering Connections Between Friends

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