TweetDeck Has a Fierce Rival in Seesmic Desktop

May 2nd, 2009 | by Pete Cashmore

Aside from the website, the desktop app TweetDeck is the undisputed king of Twitter apps, with 14.51% of users posting this way according to TwitStat. That compares to 24.54% on Twitter itself.

The only posting method to come even close to TweetDeck’s lead among third-party clients is the iPhone app (and now Mac desktop app) Tweetie, which 8.80% of Twitter(Twitter reviews) users utilize. And yet, on features at least, TweetDeck(TweetDeck reviews) now has a rival on its tail: Seesmic Desktop(Seesmic Desktop reviews), which only 2.16% of users choose to post with, is iterating faster and may have taken the lead on some key features.

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