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This is a key issue for me, being able to post items to a few places, preferably one, and have it show up everywhere I want it to. For example, my twitter account is connected to my Facebook page so when I Tweet, it automatically adds it to my status on Facebook. Now if I could just figure out how to get my Twitter posts to show up as a blog posting …

If you’re anything like me, you are constantly creating social data. From your blog posts and your tweets, your photos and videos, bookmarks and status updates, you are creating new information, big and small. You might do so in spurts, or you might be creating new content throughout the day. But with so many different social networks out there, and friends scattered here, there and everywhere, there’s always the potential you’re not sending the right data to the right place. But if you start by knowing where your data is flowing now, you can make minor adjustments along the way to get the recipe right.

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Super easy way to Twitter about a web page [Video]

HOW TO: Put Twitter on Every Web Page

May 16th, 2009 | by Pete Cashmore |

TBuzz is an interesting new tool that fosters Twitter buzz around web pages. The concept is incredibly simple: drag a button into your browser bookmarks and hit it whenever you visit a web page you’d like to talk about on Twitter.

So, while you’re reading this Mashable (Mashable reviews) post, you can add TBuzz to your browser, hit it while you’re viewing the page and inform your followers that you’re “Reading an article on”. TBuzz grabs the link for you and shortens it using

But TBuzz is more than a sharing tool: it also shows the Tweets posted by other people talking about that page. While this might not be as useful on obscure or offbeat sites, some inspire enough Twitter (Twitter reviews) chatter to make for an interesting reference point. It’s a neat idea that scores points for simplicity: the video below explains more.

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