Social Networking Media ROI Calculator

This looks like a really useful tool. What do you think?

Tip of the hat to the Blog ROI piece in Groundswell, by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff – the Social Media ROI Calculator has been extended and modified for all Social Media activities.

Jim Edelstein needed a Social Media ROI calculation for a client earlier this morning, so I obliged him with a nice Word doc.  He came back and said, “thats nice, but the clients now needs it in Excel”.  Ok – back to the drawing board.  Then, my new director of Social Media, Claudia D’Arcy, along with our head of SEO, Eta Ivkovic, asked that it be converted into an online tool.  With the help of a nice tool from , and a bit of noodling, the result is here for your benefit.

via Social Networking Media ROI Calculator.