FriendFeed: Aggregating Social Networks Can be Overwhelming

FriendFeed: Aggregating Social Networks Can be Overwhelming
Read Write Web

At Google, Paul Buchheit built the first versions of Gmail and AdSense. Now, he’s working on FriendFeed, a company that he believes is bringing to market flowing, multi-person, real-time conversations that will eventually replace email. FriendFeed, for those that don’t know it, says Read Write Web’s Marshall Kirkpatrick, is a combination of an aggregation tool bringing in information from around the Web, a big public conversation, and a publishing tool for original content. The service aggregates feeds from the different social networks you participate in, allowing your FriendFeed friends to engage with you on those networks whether they belong to the same social network or not.

There’s a long list of services FriendFeed can import data from, Kirkpatrick says, but the majority of the conversation at the site centers around Twitter messages. As TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington says, “the fact is that FriendFeed may just be too complicated for the average user to quickly understand… The power users love it. Novices can be overwhelmed.”   – Read the whole story…